Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Itinerary for Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress

With the Mobile World Congress approaching, the list of new mobile innovations just keeps getting longer. There does not seem to be one particular handset that is going to make the most amount of noise, and if there is such a device, it has not been leaked to the press. So I thought I would round up a few of my favorite stories from the last week or so regarding what we will be seeing in Barcelona next week.
Since Nokia still owns the majority of the mobile market, I figure they are a good place to start. TechCrunch reported that Nokia will be announcing their new app store to compete with the Apple App Store, the Palm App Catalogue, and the Android Market.
This is a positive development for all those still using Symbian devices, I know there are a lot of you, but you can keep me out of your club. Nokia lost me with the slowness of the N95 and put a nail in the coffin with the 5800’s horrible interface (as reported by Itamar Weisbrod of Flyscreen).

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