Thursday, March 5, 2009

Samsung F480 Tocco: touchscreen surprise for slim-phone lovers

Since touchscreen phones are now making headway in the mobile phone industry, it has become really popular to own such a device for people who wish to remain stylish and updated. A very slim contender of such phones has been launched Samsung which is the Samsung F480 Tocco. This mobile phone is giving severe competition to other devices which lie in the same category.
The Samsung F480 Tocco is a very lightweight phone, as against the thumb rule which has seen all touchscreen devices to be heavy. Also, the phone is really slim and will slip in your pocket without being noticed like other bulky handsets thereby giving it a very classy look. The display of the phone is a 2.8 inches touchscreen colour display and has a touch-operated flash UI. The phone has a 5MP camera which comes with autofocus and LED flash that can help click great pictures since it has face detection too.
The Samsung F480 Tocco also has great connectivity with 3G with HSPDA, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. An internal memory of 228 MB is present in the mobile phone which excels in the storage capacity as well. The phone also has a great media player that gives excellent quality sound. A very big surprise in this phone comes with the web browser which is a superb one and most fitted to view pages that can be read without any scrolling.
The Samsung F480 Tocco not only has skin-deep beauty but also real features that can impress any tech-lover. Whether it is the look of the phone, the embedded features or the usability, the Samsung F480 Tocco has a top notch level in matching with any standard device of the same league.
Tech-lovers can now buy and be impressed with Samsung F480 Tocco which provides excellent features with great looks. There are many features like a 5MP camera, great web browser, email support, 224MB internal memory, touchscreen display etc which make it a superb device.

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