Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nokia N96: enjoy company of the mobile king

The style and technology that a person can carry on him seems to have no limits now. The previously defined mobile phones that cater to the technological demands and style quotient of the people now seem to have taken a backseat. How did this happen? The introduction of the Nokia N96 in the market has shaken all grounds on which the standards of technology rested and a new threshold has been created with this delightful device.
Anything that a user can think of in a mobile phone, the Nokia N96 has it in itself. The latest version of the Symbian OS has been integrated in the phone to give the users a never-before experience. The display of the phone is a 2.8 inch TFT display which gives an amazing experience to the user. Also, there is a 5MP camera in the phone which is equipped with dual-LED flash and AF assist light which will click amazing pictures for the users.Another new has been achieved here in the Nokia N96 which is the present of a built-in DVB-H TV tuner in the mobile phone and also a RAM of 128 MB. A seemingly-unending memory capacity of 16GB has been incorporated in the phone which is a great step ahead of the serial predecessor N95 that had 8GB storage capacity. Wi-Fi, UPnP technology, built in GPS and A-GPS, built-in accelerometer for UI auto-rotation, 3G with HSPDA support etc are also present in the Nokia N96.
Users can now buy the Nokia N96 through various deals like contract mobile phone deals, sim-free deals, etc which are available at very low rates online and also with a choice to choose the network provider.
Obtain the Nokia N96 for unending storage capacity, seamless technology and a great style quotient unmatched by any.
With the launch of Nokia N96, there has been a shift in the market since the phone has all features one can think of. Superb features are present in the phone which includes 16GB memory, latest Symbian OS, 5MP camera, etc.

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